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Epiphany: Life Change is a program that provides transitional, temporary or long-term housing stability for adults paroled in the state of Texas. We know that majority of ex-offenders claim housing is an important factor for them to remain out of prison. We believe stable housing is critical to help ex-offenders weather the shock of community adjustment.

Epiphany: Life Change exists to equip, mentor, teach, counsel, and empower transitional men and women who are striving to recover from a life of incarceration. We provide a comprehensive approach to recovery for each person including the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Epiphany: Life Change was created to address the many issues of ex-offenders and to provide safe alternatives, empowering them with time and assistance to move from a life of institutionalization and dependency to living a sustainable life. This is a service of hope, renewal, and transformation to a complete man or woman. In this comes the need to focus on a set of eight healing essentials: Correct thinking, social training, education, job readiness, and financial management, work therapy, personal and family healing and on the important influence of spiritual awareness.